9 Tricks For A Longer Battery Life To Save Your Phone

Who doesn’t use a smartphone in today’s day and age? The reach of technology has been made so easy, that it can be approached by the lightest of pockets from the heaviest of wallets. But with great technologies comes great maintenance.

I’ve had some struggle with my phone suddenly running out of battery, and just like that I was left on an unknown place, forced to awkwardly ask people around, where I was exactly *shudders*. That was when I looked up for ways to never fall into the same trap again.

And here are a few handy ways that you can follow, for the longevity of your gadget’s battery life. By making sure to follow these simple hacks, you can ensure that your phone doesn’t catch the habit of dying out abruptly.


Know when NOT to use your phone

iphone overheat warning

You should turn off your phone in an extremely hot weather, and keep your phone in your pocket in very cold weather. I know, we can stand strong and develop immunity to strong weathers, but your phone is just a gadget – kindly, don’t go extreme with it.


Avoid non-authentic chargers

Fake Chargers

You should always be careful about charging your phone with a knock-off charger, even when you are away from your own. Charging your phone with a fake charger is something rather simple that can lead to very drastic results.


Don’t clear off all apps at once

close apps on phone

No. It doesn’t directly affect the battery as is. But, most of the apps that run in the background do not consume as much power, as they take in rebooting. So, basically, turning those apps back on, consume more energy.


100% Charge isn’t really a bad thing

100% Charge

When your phone hits full charge, it will automatically turn charging off. Not that the ability should be put to the test every time, means that you are not doing any damage to your phone by overcharging it (but note that you cannot regularly do this and hope that your battery will survive).

Don’t keep your phone on a charger all the time

Dont charge your phone all day

You should always try to disconnect the phone charger before the battery level reaches 100%. Also, don’t put your phone on a charger at any point available. If you put it on rather frequently, battery life starts to decrease.


Don’t let the battery run out completely


Iphone low battery

Most people think that you should let your phone run out of battery before plugging it in to charge and that they should keep it plugged in until it reaches 100%. A ‘deep discharge’ will wear the battery out. So if you see your phone whining for a charger, then you should find a charger quickly.


Restrict notification apps


Block Notifications

The push notifications on your phone lead to an exhausted battery. And the continually turned on the internet doesn’t help either. Simply put, lesser notifications, lesser pinging.


Keep Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off


Keep Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Off

Keep them turned on only if you wish to drag your battery life to its death for no apparent reason. Otherwise, make sure to turn them off, as soon as the operation is over.


Don’t leave your phone to charge overnight


Phone Charging Overnight

I know it sounds like common sense to sleep with your phone by your side, charging. But sometimes when you wake up, to realize that the switch wasn’t on an entire night. Don’t get flustered. Instead, feel glad, that you saved your phone’s battery from getting decreased.